Used Hybrid Vehicles for Sale

A blue 2022 Honda CR-V is shown from the front at an angle near a dealer that has used hybrid vehicles for sale.

Looking to leave pure gas-engine vehicles in the past? Hybrid vehicles are a great option for drivers who are tired of rising gas prices but don’t want an electric vehicle. Today, most major manufacturers have been offering hybrid variants of models you already know and love for several years. The novelty period has worn off for hybrids, which means there are tons of used models available at low prices, and we’re proud to carry them. If you want to check out tons of used hybrid vehicles for sale from different brands, all in one place, visit us at Klein Honda.

We proudly carry a variety of hybrid vehicles in every body size, ranging from sedans to SUVs to trucks. It’s our goal to make sure that every driver who is interested in making the switch to the hybrid lifestyle can not only afford to do so but get in a vehicle that they love. If you think you can’t afford a hybrid model, think again. Our huge inventory of pre-owned hybrid cars, SUVs, and trucks will show you just how attainable a terrific hybrid vehicle is. Stop falling victim to constantly increasing gas prices and start keeping more money in your wallet. Check out our used hybrids today.

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What Are Hybrid Vehicles?

If you want to understand hybrid vehicles better, know that their nature is in their name. Hybrids run on equal parts gasoline and electricity, making them “hybrid.” When you drive a hybrid, you aren’t kissing the gas pump goodbye for good. Your vehicle will still have a traditional internal combustion engine that runs on gas. But, it will also have one (or two) electric motors, which are powered by energy stored inside of batteries.

Hybrid vehicles are smart. They constantly monitor driving conditions and behaviors, automatically switching between gas and electric as needed to boost fuel efficiency. In fact, if you’re out of gas, you can run on battery power alone. However, you can usually only do this for a limited number of miles. As with a traditional vehicle, it’s recommended to always keep gas in your hybrid’s tank.

So, you know that to power the combustion engine, you just add gas. But how do you power the batteries of the hybrid’s motors? Simple: just drive. A hybrid’s batteries recapture energy when you stop your vehicle through what's called "regenerative braking." It’s part of what makes hybrids so popular among drivers who live in congested areas and spend a good deal of time in bumper-to-bumper traffic. For most drivers, constantly braking is just a pain. For hybrid drivers, at least each time you stop, you know you’re powering your batteries and making your vehicle less reliant on gas.

Earlier, we mentioned that your hybrid might have one or two motors. Some hybrids have two motors; generally speaking, the more motors, the more speed and power you’ll get from your hybrid. Of course, having your hybrid equipped with a powerful gas engine helps with that, too. Hybrid vehicles are a terrific option whether you want to spend less on gas, want to help fight pollution in your area, or both.

A white 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown driving on a snowy road.

We Have a Great Selection of Used Hybrids

At Klein Honda, we proudly carry some of the most popular used Honda hybrids. If you’re looking for a great midsize sedan with smooth handling and a comfortable cabin, check out the Honda Accord Hybrid. Honda’s popular compact SUV, the CR-V, came out in a hybrid variant in 2020, so now you can buy a gently-used hybrid CR-V at an amazing price and get all-wheel drive, configurable cargo, and all the other great features people love about this vehicle.

We don’t just carry Honda models, though. At Klein Honda, we’re working around the clock to track down excellent hybrid models from other top names like Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, and others. If you’re after spacious seating and great towing abilities, we have hybrid SUVs in various sizes. Maybe you want a hybrid pickup for your small business or DIY projects. Ask us if we currently have the hybrid Ford F-150. We even carry pre-owned hybrid sports cars.

We make it our goal to carry a diverse and comprehensive selection of used hybrid models to make the hybrid space accessible to every driver. No matter what you prioritize — performance, style, comfort, or cargo — we have a huge selection of pre-owned hybrids to check out. If we believe it will be a great value add to our used Honda dealership, we track it down, whether or not it carries the Honda nameplate. We also carry used hybrids of different generations so that you can find more recent models with all the freshest features or older ones at amazing prices.

A grey 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown driving in a rainy city.

Why Drivers Choose Klein Honda

Shoppers choose Klein Honda because we take the stress out of every step of the car buying process. In fact, you don’t even have to visit us to check out our inventory. Our tools let you do almost everything from your couch. Browse our selection, apply for financing, and even get a value for your trade-in, all without leaving your home. Then just finish your paperwork with us and drive off in a vehicle you love.

Our massive inventory means you don’t need to visit various dealerships to explore a variety of options. With pre-owned models from all of the names you love, we make it easy to discover a large variety all in one place. Plus, our sales team is knowledgeable about every vehicle we bring in. Simply tell them what you’re looking for in terms of body style, pricing, and behind-the-wheel experience, and they’ll be able to show you several models that fit your needs.

With a dedicated service and parts department on-site, we’re also ready to help you care for your vehicle. We want to be with you through every step of your vehicle ownership journey. That’s why we have trained technicians who will know the best service schedule and parts for your model. With specials running daily on new and used vehicles, as well as service and parts, we offer shoppers many reasons to visit our dealership.

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We Can Help You Find the Perfect Pre-Owned Hybrid Vehicle

You’ve spent enough time watching others enjoy the hybrid vehicle lifestyle. Now it’s time for you to make the switch from a gas-engine model to a hybrid, and we’re the right dealership to do it with. A member of our team would love to show you the pre-owned hybrids we have in stock and answer any remaining questions you have about owning, driving, and caring for a hybrid.

We don’t just have Honda models; we have all of the brands you want to consider. Consider us your one-stop shop to check out several used hybrids. Ready to spend less on gas and move into a more affordable future with a hybrid? We’re ready to help you do it. You’ll love how warm and friendly our dealership is and how competitive our pricing is. If you weren’t sure if you could afford a hybrid or if there was a hybrid model you’d like, we’re here to bust both of those misconceptions. Visit Klein Honda and drive off in a great used hybrid today.