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Klein Honda in Everett Lease Return Center

Is Your Lease Almost Up?

When your lease contract comes to an end, there are several ways to move forward. Of course, you can simply trade in your current leased vehicle for another and sign a new lease contract—but that’s not your only option. Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions about leasing, such as:

  • Are you wondering how to end your lease contract early?
  • Do you wish to upgrade to a different Honda vehicle, but aren’t sure how to end your lease?
  • Are you pleased with your leased Honda vehicle and hoping to purchase it?
  • Are you looking for special offers that could make your next lease payment more affordable?
  • Has your leased car incurred minor damage, or have you exceeded the mileage limit in your lease contract?

While we would love for you to continue your partnership with us, you are not obligated to lease or buy another vehicle from us when your lease ends. Below, we’ll go over all three lease-end options in detail: returning your lease and buying a new vehicle, buying your leased vehicle, or simply returning the vehicle to your dealership near Lynnwood when your lease expires.

Klein Honda in Everett Everett WA
Option 1 - Buy a New Honda

Explore our new inventory online, and speak to an associate about our offers and incentives currently available. If your lease contract is still in effect, you can arrange a pre-inspection and appraisal of the vehicle to see what wear and tear charges or mileage charges you may incur. That way, you can decide which time is ideal for you to end your lease.

Vehicle Inspection

Before your lease ends, bring your vehicle from Marysville to Klein Honda in Everett for a free, but mandatory, vehicle inspection in our on-site service center.

During your 30-minute inspection, a certified inspector will go over your vehicle to determine if there are any chargeable damages or unusual wear that could result in fees. You’ll receive a notice of the inspector’s report, as well as a Notice of Option to make the repairs before the lease end date. You can determine whether you would like to take care of those or pay the additional fees when returning the vehicle. We recommend consulting with your insurance carrier prior to deciding.

Should you make repairs or incur additional damage, another inspection will be required before the vehicle is returned to Honda.

Owner Loyalty Perks

Thanks to Honda’s high resale values, your lease return is worth more, making it easier to lease the vehicle you want for cheaper. If you choose to upgrade to a new vehicle, we will work hard to ensure your lease payment is close to the payment you’re making now.

Option 2 - Keep Your Honda Vehicle

If you decide to purchase your leased vehicle, you won’t have to pay for excessive mileage, damage, or wear. The only costs you’ll be responsible for will be the predetermined purchase option price of the vehicle and incidental charges required by law. These charges will be clearly detailed in your Honda lease contract. These charges may include but are not limited to, vehicle registration fees, sales tax, emissions inspection fees, etc.

Customers can pay the balance in full at the time of purchase or finance the balance of the lease and vehicle value. In certain instances, the vehicle may be financed as a Certified Pre-Owned Honda, allowing buyers to take advantage of the benefits and warranties of Klein Honda in Everett Certified Pre-Owned program – including our Lifetime Warranty program.

Option 3 - Return Your Leased Vehicle

If you decide to return your Honda leased vehicle, contact us before the lease maturity date, and we’ll help you complete the following steps:

  • Inspecting Your Vehicle: As detailed above, a specialist will complete the 30-minute inspection and provide you with a copy of the condition report, allowing you to decide whether you would prefer to pay any wear and damage fees, or have the vehicle repaired.
  • Filing Your Federal Statements: You’ll need to complete a Federal Odometer/Lease Termination Statement for our records.
  • Confirming the Vehicle Condition Report: Review, sign, and date the vehicle condition report verifying that the current condition of the car matches the original inspection findings.