Used Honda Pilot for Sale

A white Honda Pilot TrailSport is shown driving off-road after viewing a used Honda Pilot for sale.

Are you tired of scouring the Internet for a solid used Honda Pilot for sale? Well, look no further than Klein Honda! We're all about making your search for the perfect pre-loved Pilot as easy and quick as possible. Whether you're after a roomy SUV for your growing family or a trusty ride for your outdoor escapades, we've got you covered.

The Honda Pilot competes in the midsize SUV segment with its spacious interior, advanced safety features, and stellar performance. With room for up to eight passengers and plenty of cargo space, the Pilot is your go-to for road trips, daily drives, and any other adventures you've got planned.

We are a dealership that proudly sports a stunning selection of used Honda Pilot models waiting for you. Each vehicle in our lineup has been carefully inspected to make sure it meets our high standards for quality and reliability. Whether you're in the market for a newer model with low mileage or something slightly older and even more budget-friendly, we've got options for every taste and budget.

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Why Choose the Honda Pilot?

Let's dig our heels into why folks are so excited about the Honda Pilot. This SUV comes with a powerful V6 engine and handles with ease, giving you a ride that's comfy and fun all at once. What’s more, it is downright spacious. The Pilot comes with legroom and headroom to spare in every row. That's why families and carpool groups can't get enough of it.

Safety is a big deal in the Pilot. It's loaded up with many fantastic features to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. From collision-avoidance functions to lane-keeping assistance, this ride will help keep you secure. Plus, if you're into luxurious touches, you can deck out your Pilot with cool extras like a panoramic sunroof and fancy leather seats. Riding in style and staying safe are all rolled into one slick package.

No matter where you're headed, the Honda Pilot's ready for action. Whether you're cruising through city streets or hitting the trails, this SUV is able to handle it all without hassle. With its available all-wheel drive system and towing muscle, you can bet it's up for any challenge. It's no wonder folks keep coming back to the Pilot–––with its outstanding combination of performance, versatility, and safety, it's an SUV that sets the bar high.

The black interior and dash in a 2022 Honda Pilot is shown.

Why Shop Our Selection of Used Honda Pilot Models?

We get it––buying a used car is a big deal. That's why we’re a dealership that is all about giving you peace of mind. Our lineup of used Honda Pilots is handpicked to offer you the cream of the crop at prices that won't break the bank. Whether you're looking for a wallet-friendly option or a late-model Pilot loaded with all kinds of extras, we've got something to fit every style and budget.

When you shop with us, you're getting more than just a used car; you're getting a top-notch ride that's been thoroughly checked out for safety and reliability. Our team of certified technicians leaves no stone unturned, making sure each used Pilot meets our high standards before it even gets put out on our lot. With our upfront pricing and no-nonsense approach, you can cruise through the buying process knowing you're getting a great deal.

Even better, our commitment to you doesn't stop when you drive off the lot. In fact, it's just getting started! We're here to have your back for the long haul, whether you need regular maintenance, repairs, or just some friendly advice on keeping your Pilot in tip-top shape. After all, we are in the business of building relationships, one pristine ride at a time. Come on over and see what all the talk is about!

We Help With Financing

Are you worrying about how to finance a gorgeous used Honda Pilot? Don’t fret because we’ve got solutions. We absolutely understand that financing can feel like a convoluted, never-ending maze. But our friendly financing team is here to walk you gently through every step of the process. Whether your credit is perfect, a bit tarnished, or you are totally starting from scratch, we're on it, working hard to lock down a deal that fits your wallet like a glove.

We've got a large network of lending institutions at our disposal. This series of top-notch lenders is known for giving out rates that make customers smile and terms that are as flexible as they come. You can trust us to crunch the numbers and come up with a financing plan that's customized just for you. We even have a handy financing tool on our website that speeds up the process! You can get the green light fast on the vehicle of your dreams, all from the comfort of your cozy couch.

We're all about making dreams come true here when it comes to finding the right vehicle, no matter what your credit looks like. Whether you've hit a bump in the road or you're cruising along just fine, we've got your back. Let's turn those car-buying dreams into reality––swing by and let's make it happen!

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Maintenance for Your Honda Pilot

Your ownership adventure is just getting started and will continue even after you roll off the lot as the proud owner of a great Honda. We're in it for the long haul, ready to back you up every step of the way. That's why we've got a whole lineup of maintenance services to keep your Honda Pilot running at peak performance for years to come. Whether it's routine work like oil changes and tire rotations or tackling bigger jobs like brake repairs and engine check-ups, our team of certified professionals will be here to assist.

We know life can be a whirlwind, so we're all about making it easy to keep up with your Pilot's maintenance. Utilize our convenient online scheduling tool and lock in your next service appointment whenever it suits your schedule. Need to get in and out in a flash? No problem––we've got express service options that'll have you back on the road before you can say "oil change." With our excellent deals and service specials, you can rest easy knowing you're getting superb care without draining all your savings out of the bank!

We’re not just here to sell cars––we're all about building long-term relationships. Whether you're in need of a tune-up, some repairs, or just some friendly advice on keeping your Pilot in prime condition, we've got your back. Swing by and see for yourself what sets us apart!

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We Look Forward to Seeing You

Ready to get your hands on your ideal used Honda Pilot? Then swing by Klein Honda today! Come on over to explore our inventory, hop behind the wheel for a test drive, and get a taste of what makes us a reliable used Honda dealer. Whether you are living in Everett or elsewhere in the greater Seattle area, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whatever you need, we’ve got you!

No need to procrastinate––visit us today and drive off in the pre-loved Honda Pilot of your dreams! We've got a massive selection, awesome financing options, and service that's truly top-tier. Trust us, we're all about making your car-buying journey a breeze. Don't delay. Swing by today so that we can find that perfect used Pilot together. We're ready to make it happen, so what are you waiting for? We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!