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A white 2020 Honda Accord Touring is shown from the front at an angle. after leaving a used Honda dealer.

It’s not every year that the time comes to buy a car, so you must do it right. Have you been looking for a used Honda dealer because it’s a brand you’ve heard great things about and want to experience for yourself? Or maybe you're looking for a Honda dealership because you're a long-time fan of the brand? No matter your history with the Honda brand, you're likely searching for a pre-owned Honda because you care about value and reliability. At Klein Honda, we understand that your purchase means a lot to you and that spending your hard-earned money on a vehicle is difficult if you don’t have all the facts. We welcome you to visit our dealership because we know you’ll enjoy your time spent shopping here with our attentive sales team and will find answers to all your Honda-related questions. We’re the experts who will get you behind the wheel of a used Honda vehicle in fantastic condition at a competitive price, and it all begins when you visit to shop our selection of used Honda models.

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Honda's Remarkable History

Honda’s history dates back long before its cars were introduced to American drivers in 1969. Soichiro Honda founded the company in Japan in 1949, the same year that Honda’s first motor vehicle was born. The vehicle? The D-Type motorcycle. The first Honda with four wheels would not arrive until 1963 when the T360 mini truck was unveiled for the Japanese market. But how did Honda become the brand we know today? Following World War II, Soichiro Honda used his experience in manufacturing automotive parts and began using recycled motors as the basis for powering a fuel-efficient and lightweight motorbike.

Over the next ten years, Honda found success in a shorter time than most, thanks to the immense success of its motorbikes. After Honda began selling these bikes in the North American market in 1959, the brand turned its attention to building four-wheeled vehicles. The efforts Honda poured into the development of such cars went in several directions, from the consumer-friendly market to the more outrageous Formula 1 cars Honda would create and enter into historic races, including the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix. This race was a turning point for the manufacturer, with Honda and its legendary RA272 cementing themselves in history with the first Formula 1 win to be claimed by a non-European team.

It was in the 1970s when some of Honda’s longest-running nameplates were born. Are you familiar with the Civic and the Accord? If so, that’s no surprise. These small Honda cars took the market by storm in the 1970s as many people began shopping for family-friendly vehicles that didn’t cost too much money. The Honda Civic, which is still a common car today, first appeared on the market in 1972, which means there have been over 50 years of this legendary sedan. Similarly, the Honda Accord was released in 1976 and is still a common sight on the roads today thanks to its reputation as a reliable and affordable sedan that’s perfect for commuters.

In the 1980s, Honda began manufacturing its vehicles in America, which means the manufacturer no longer had to worry about import fees. It was a few years later when Honda launched the Acura luxury brand. Acura has no presence in Japan, and that’s because it’s a product of the American Honda Motor Company. Throughout the following years, Honda would continue creating influential vehicles. For instance, the Honda Insight was the first hybrid vehicle available in America when it was launched in 2000. Today, Honda is stronger than ever, and although Soichiro Honda is no longer with us, his legacy remains and will continue for generations.

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Why Shop for Used Honda Models?

You already know there’s no shortage of automotive manufacturers, so why should you shop for a used Honda? Honda is a brand with an unwavering reputation for the things people care about: value, reliability, and longevity. Honda vehicles are known for being long-lasting machines, and you can find people driving around in Honda vehicles from thirty or more years ago that are still going strong.

Because Honda has such a presence in America, that also benefits Honda drivers because having easier access to spare parts can make fixing your car both quicker and less costly. This is something many people don’t realize when they buy a vehicle and then find themselves waiting longer than they’d like for a part that ships from Germany, Italy, or Japan––you get the idea. This ability to get back on the road more cost-effectively can make a large difference in your life, not to mention that saving money on a used Honda vehicle doesn’t mean you’re not getting a great experience. A great example is that most recent Honda vehicles come with intuitive infotainment tech, and if used Honda models are anything, it’s fuel-efficient.

We’ll Help You With Financing

Shopping at Klein Honda means you have full access to our on-site finance center and can speak directly with our financing experts. Our team members will crunch the numbers and do all the paperwork necessary to find a loan that works for you. The loan we match you with is yours to decide, so we’ll work alongside you until you find a loan with a comfortable interest rate that you can easily make monthly payments on. Our on-site finance center is also ready to evaluate your current automobile if you’re looking to trade it in, and we’ll pay cash for it if you want to offload it quickly. You should consider visiting our on-site finance center and talking to one of our representatives today because you never know what type of deal you may find.

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We Provide Service and Parts

At our dealership, you may find yourself spending a fair amount of time on our sales floor or viewing the fantastic selection of pre-owned vehicles on our lot. However, even if you’ve never shopped with us before, you can also take advantage of our on-site service and parts center. Here, our certified technicians can perform a variety of jobs and tasks in a timely manner. Oil changes, fluid changes, alignments, brake jobs, and many more services are available when you schedule an appointment with us, and things are even simpler if you have shopped with us in the past and bought your vehicle from us. Further, our on-site parts center can provide you with genuine Honda parts at affordable prices, so you don’t have to worry about relying on aftermarket parts with varying degrees of quality.

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Raising the Bar for the Car-Shopping Experience

Stepping foot onto a Honda dealership lot is like opening a doorway to numerous possibilities. When you shop with us, you’re taking the first step towards a shopping experience that will set the standard for how you perceive dealerships going forward. It’s important to us that we match you with a Honda vehicle you’re comfortable with, both from the standpoint of a customer making a purchase and as the driver who will be driving the car for many years. We always consider the customer when recommending automobiles, so you can trust our personable and diligent sales representatives will do their best to match you with the right vehicle at the best possible price. Once you become the owner of a Honda vehicle, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner. It’s amazing what type of possibilities open up when you’re driving the right vehicle, and we’ll help you find that car to make your dreams a reality!