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A blue 2023 Honda HR-V EX-L is shown driving through a rainy intersection.

The SUV is the vehicle of choice when it comes to finding a ride that’s reliable, cost-effective, and versatile, both in terms of the average commuter and the modern family. What started as a segment that was mostly reserved for off-roaders and adventurers has grown to become the most popular class of vehicles in the entire industry. When it comes to a brand that you can always rely upon to deliver an efficient and sustainable offering, Honda is usually one of the first to come to mind. Responsible for helping American drivers get through the massive energy crisis of the 1970s and continuing to improve on its designs over the many decades since, Honda is now known for its extensive SUV lineup.

If you’re currently in the market for an SUV and are considering one of the offerings from Honda, we’re here to lend our knowledge and expertise to help you make a choice that will benefit you the most. The offerings from Honda range from the subcompact HR-V to the three-row Pilot, ensuring there is something for everyone. No matter what you might be looking for in a vehicle, we guarantee there is a Honda model that will benefit you. We have plenty of Honda SUVs for sale here at Klein Honda, and there’s one that’s ready to take its place in your driveway.

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The Honda HR-V

Making its North American debut for the 2016 model year, the HR-V was originally based on the Honda Fit, but has grown in recent years and now shares its platform with the well-known Honda Civic. The HR-V had been in production for several years prior to this but was only available in overseas markets. However, as consumer needs in the United States began to change, and smaller SUVs became more popular, the HR-V rose to the occasion and quickly proved its worth.

Smaller than the compact CR-V, the HR-V has become a noteworthy option in the field of subcompact SUVs. On entering its third generation in 2023, the HR-V grew slightly to provide more interior space for passengers and cargo. The redesign of the HR-V also saw the vehicle gaining an elevated style that allows drivers to make a memorable first impression wherever they go. And to show just how accessible the HR-V is among drivers with an average income, it’s priced significantly less than the other Honda SUV options.

A blue 2023 Honda CR-V HPD EX is shown next to a lake.

The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V was a vehicle that was way ahead of its time and helped to kickstart the current SUV boom. Debuting during the 1998 model year, the CR-V took a completely different direction in terms of design. Many SUVs at the time were still designed with gas-guzzling engines and came in essentially two sizes—big and bigger. The efficient CR-V was a game changer that was small enough to maneuver in traffic and could be easily operated by any driver.

Honda also placed an emphasis on fuel economy by utilizing a four-cylinder engine instead of the larger offerings from the competition. This dedication to efficiency has persisted since the vehicle's debut. Now, the CR-V also comes in a hybrid version that allows drivers to go much farther distances while using less fuel. With its compact size, propensity for safety, and economical performance, the CR-V in its gas and hybrid variants continues to be the standard-bearer for what the compact SUV should be.

The Honda Pilot

While smaller SUVs have undoubtedly become more popular since the old days when full-size models ruled the roads, the need for three rows of seating for a full-sized family still exists. While Honda may be best known for its smaller and more efficient models, the brand is no stranger to the world of large family vehicles. In response to the demand for this type of vehicle, the Honda Pilot is here to provide family-friendly transportation for the masses.

The Pilot has three rows of seating and a variety of features that are meant to keep you and your family entertained and safe while on the road. These are the principles that Honda focuses the bulk of its attention on. Of course, there are also other notable features that any SUV owner looks for, such as ample storage space and decent towing capacity that lets you hitch up a small boat or camper for a weekend vacation. This makes the Pilot a versatile option for many families. A red 2023 Honda Pilot Elite is shown on a rainy trail after looking at Honda SUVs for sale.

A red 2023 Honda Pilot Elite is shown on a rainy trail after looking at Honda SUVs for sale.

The Honda Passport

For those who favor adventures on the path less traveled and view off-roading as a lifestyle and not a hobby, Honda has a vehicle specifically built just for you. The Honda Passport lives up to its name in every conceivable way as it facilitates the desire for adventure away from the confines of civilization. This all-wheel drive-exclusive midsize SUV is Honda’s answer to the increasingly competitive off-road market.

Not only do you get the items that allow you to explore the untamed wilderness, such as a beefy powertrain and an exceptional towing capacity, but you’ll also have the wide array of standard safety features that Honda equips its entire fleet with. The Passport makes use of its design to elevate its style to new heights with a sleek and comfortable interior. The vehicle’s exterior makes a memorable first impression and offers the first hints of the prowess the Passport brings to the table for the modern adventurer.

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Find the Honda SUV that Best Suits You!

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen Honda accomplish year after year, it’s surpassing the sometimes lofty expectations that consumers and fans of the SUV segment have. The current fleet of Honda SUVs is ideal for any type of driver, family, or activity you enjoy participating in. The CR-V and HR-V are both adept at navigating parking lots and city streets while still offering you the conservative fuel consumption ideal for the thrifty vehicle shopper that Honda is known for.

If you have a larger family or lots of friends and need an above-average-sized vehicle to provide them with comfortable transportation, the Pilot has three rows of seating and the storage required to make any family road trip one to remember for years to come. Of course, if you’re looking to utilize your SUV to head off the beaten path and embrace the rough and tumble world of off-roading, the Passport is your gateway to the type of adventures that you’ve always wanted to enjoy.

No matter what your needs are, the team at Klein Honda is here to lend our expertise and knowledge to assist you in selecting the right vehicle. With a vast selection of both new and used SUVs that are held to our high standards of quality, you can shop and buy with confidence, knowing that you’ve made the best choice. If you think that a Honda SUV is outside of your grasp, think again! Our financing team will work extra hard to get you behind the wheel and find the Honda you’ve always wanted with a monthly payment you can easily afford. The destination is entirely up to you, and we want to put you in the driver’s seat to help you get there. Come visit our location and experience the difference at Klein Honda first-hand.