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A blue 2023 Honda Civic Type-R is shown parked in a garage near a Honda dealer near Maltby.

We have the Honda vehicles Maltby drivers are looking for. Honda has been building innovative vehicles since 1948 when it got its start in Japan. The brand arrived in the United States eleven years later, in 1959. Now, drivers everywhere have found their transportation experiences to be enhanced when behind the wheel of an innovative Honda vehicle. No matter if it is a sedan, SUV, or truck, the Honda brand has you covered by providing a variety of car types with different features and capabilities. Make us your Honda dealer near Maltby for a wide selection of Honda cars and find new financing opportunities so you have all the information you need to choose the right vehicle with the right features for you and your family. There is nothing like driving with peace of mind in a dependable vehicle to get you where you need to go and beyond. Come down to Klein Honda today, and we will share our grand selection with you.

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Drive a Stylish Honda Sedan

Check out our Honda sedan lineup. We have a large selection of Honda sedans to choose from. Sedans are great for Maltby residents who don’t have a big family traveling with them or those who focus more on commuting, though a weekend getaway isn’t a problem. These drivers will love the ability to fit through narrow streets, handle sharp turns, and squeeze into tight parking spaces without issue. Not to mention, Honda sedans are equipped with plenty of technology and safety features to keep you informed, entertained, connected, and protected. At our dealership, we have a large selection of new and used Honda sedans, including the classic Honda Civic and Honda Accord. Used examples can make great starter cars for new drivers or teenagers who are just getting their feet in the water, as these sedans remain dependable, safe, and affordable.

The Honda Civic was first introduced in 1972. This compact sedan has solid fuel efficiency and a long lifespan if well taken care of, which means don’t skip out on your routine maintenance. Of course, if you’re looking for extra cargo room, then the Civic Hatchback can provide security and more room for your items. The midsize Honda Accord is another great option for those looking to zoom around Maltby or take a road trip out of town. However, Honda didn’t stop there. The brand introduced the Civic Type R in 1997, finally bringing it to America in 2017. It was made to provide more power and performance as a sporty, track-ready car. So, don’t be afraid to take this wild hot hatch out for a safe spin. If you prefer something that is more efficient than sporty, Honda has many hybrid sedan options that are designed to go as far as possible on the smallest amount of fuel.

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Honda's Versatile SUV Options

We also have a wide array of Honda SUVs for sale. Check out our inventory of Honda SUVs, which includes favorites like the Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V, Honda Passport, and Honda Pilot. Over the years, Honda has updated and improved its SUVs as the demand for these versatile vehicles has grown. These vehicles are perfect for Maltby drivers looking for space for the entire family, spacious cabins with high-tech features, and the feeling of confidence from safety features that have their back. The first SUV that Honda ever released was the 1994 Honda Passport. This adventurous SUV allows drivers to explore, whether they are heading into Seattle or out into the mountains. Whenever you get behind the wheel of a Honda SUV, you know you’ll be protected and have a relaxing interior with technology for connectivity and entertainment.

SUVs are growing to be the most common type of vehicle. With solid performance, good cargo space, and a flexible interior, there is so much drivers and families can do in a sporty or practical SUV. Smooth handling and capable engines can also make a huge difference for SUV drivers in feeling more confident and in control of the road. Even better, Honda has SUVs of all sizes, from subcompact commuter models to three-row family vehicles. Visit Klein Honda today to test drive a Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V, Honda Passport, or Honda Pilot. Find new or used models depending on your preference and budget to discover a new way to drive in style, comfort, and convenience.

Don’t Forget Honda's Trucks

Need a truck? Check out the Honda Ridgeline. Every brand seems to be known for one thing or another, and Honda has a lot of experience with smaller, easy-to-handle vehicles. However, the brand dipped its toes into the truck scene in 2006 with the Honda Ridgeline. This truck was built to be approachable and user-friendly. We all know that versatility is key, and while the Ridgeline stays on the smaller side, it remains capable of towing midsize loads. This is the perfect truck for those who like the smooth handling of an SUV. However, it still has the ability to do what trucks are good at, which is hauling, off-roading, and providing a versatile interior that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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We Offer Hassle-Free Financing

Looking to lease or finance? We can help. We understand that financing a vehicle is a huge deal and can be considered the most stressful part of the car-buying process, especially if you can’t find the monthly rates or lease terms you’re looking for. However, here at Klein Honda, our customer-friendly finance team is ready to get you behind the wheel of the vehicle of your dreams and provide you with the information and tools you need to complete the financing process without all the hassle.

Our competitive financing options are able to provide you with a new or used Honda that will remain dependable for a long time to come. Having an affordable vehicle can allow you to enjoy everything Maltby and the greater Seattle area have to offer. Here on our website, you can find payment calculators to help determine which car to buy or lease. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by—we have all the information you need to make a smart decision. Don’t let financing stand in the way of getting your perfect Honda vehicle.

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Discover Your Next Honda Vehicle!

Are you ready to find your next ride? No matter if you’re a new or old fan of Honda, we have something that will impress you and make you want to get back on the paved path right away. We help Maltby drivers find great Honda vehicles they love. Our large selection of Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs provides safety, high-tech features, spaciousness, and more to offer drivers and passengers convenience, comfort, and the confidence they need to travel the roads. Never be held back by your budget, and find a new or used Honda to lease or own for an exceptional driving experience. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, we have everything you need to get around town and take long trips that can go all day. What are you waiting for? Visit Klein Honda today and discover your next Honda vehicle. We look forward to serving you!