Honda CR-V for Sale Near Seattle

A blue 2024 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid driving on a mountain road.

From frequent rain and narrow, one-way streets to rush-hour traffic and HOV lanes, Seattle can be incredibly challenging to navigate. But while you may not have control over the traffic or the weather, you do have a say in what you drive. When you shop for a Honda CR-V for sale near Seattle, you’re investing in a better future behind the wheel.

The CR-V is a cornerstone in the Honda lineup and one of our favorite models here at Klein Honda. As your Seattle-area Honda dealer, we get excited when customers ask about the CR-V because it’s a versatile and high-value option. Honda refuses to make drivers choose between affordability, luxury, innovation, or capability. Instead, the CR-V lives up to its incredible history as one of the first of its kind and its heritage as an icon in Honda’s American fleet.

But where does that leave our team? Choosing Honda means never settling, so why not expect the same from your dealership? Klein Honda shares Honda’s commitment to drivers, never asking you to lower your standards or settle for anything less than the Honda of your dreams. With Klein Honda, you get a car-buying and owning experience defined by integrity, transparency, and respect.

It’s the dealership experience you deserve, especially when you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a versatile crossover like the Honda CR-V. So, what can you expect as you shop for the perfect model? Moreover, what do we offer at Klein Honda to improve your car-shopping experience? It’s time to find out.

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Shop Our Selection of New Honda CR-V Models

Klein Honda is home to a large selection of Honda cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans in the Greater Seattle metropolis. Our selection includes the latest Honda CR-V models that continue this crossover’s incredible legacy of defying convention by offering a new experience behind the wheel. That legacy began in the late 1990s when Honda introduced the CR-V to drivers around the world.

Although the CR-V shared many design features with the established Honda Civic sedan, it adopted a more rugged persona, making it a middle-of-the-road option for drivers who didn't quite need the large SUVs of the day. Even Honda had trouble categorizing the CR-V because it didn’t fill an established niche. The name “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” implied as much and reflected its versatility as a best-of-both-world model. Ultimately, the CR-V helped introduce a new class of SUVs known as crossovers.

With the CR-V carrying the torch for the segment, Honda has consistently updated its compact crossover to match the evolving needs of drivers. New models include innovative technologies and features that heighten our connectivity, awareness, and safety in the driver’s seat. Moreover, those features complement a host of other updates, like more potent and efficient powertrains that optimize the CR-V’s driving demeanor. The combination is remarkable, making the CR-V incredibly agile and efficient for Seattle drivers, whether navigating your commute along Interstate 5 or spending the afternoon at Discovery Park with the family.

As the first-generation CR-V did in the late 1990s, new models raise the bar and exceed expectations. Every new CR-V on our lot offers tangible value that Seattle drivers appreciate because you can see and enjoy your investment firsthand. It’s an outstanding package that's only bettered by Honda’s reputation for reliability.

A close up of the front of a blue 2023 Honda CR-V for sale near Seattle.

The Redesigned 2023 Honda CR-V

The 2023 Honda CR-V introduces the crossover’s sixth generation with a significant transformation that modernizes this compact SUV. Stretching longer and wider, the redesigned CR-V has a broader, more athletic stance that ushers the SUV into a new era. Its sleek silhouette and sophisticated design details add to its aesthetic and complement a beefier powertrain lineup that makes it more engaging and sportier to drive. It not only looks the part of an athletic road warrior but has the heartbeat to follow through.

Whether traveling to Olympic National Park for a weekend of adventure or heading into your office in Downtown Seattle, the 2023 CR-V is always up for the challenge. With a newly upgraded fourth-generation two-motor hybrid system, the CR-V Sport and CR-V Sport Touring trims produce 204 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque for incredible responsiveness. Even the CR-V’s standard 1.5L turbocharged engine has plenty of power for every condition, delivering 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque.

Beyond a new design and updated powertrains, the 2023 CR-V ushers in a wave of innovative technologies that skyrocket its value. Honda makes a seven-inch color touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard, while wireless smartphone integration and a high-definition nine-inch touchscreen are available. Top-tier trims like the Sport Touring add a 12-speaker Bose premium sound system, and every 2023 CR-V features the Honda Sensing suite of driver-assist technologies that heighten your awareness and minimize the potential for collisions as you navigate Seattle and the surrounding areas.

A close up of the rear of a blue 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown.

Shop Our Selection of Used Honda CR-V Models

Honda works hard to build vehicles that last, and the CR-V is no exception. Because of this, we’re proud to keep an expansive selection of used CR-V models on our lot. First and foremost, we share Honda’s commitment to ensuring you have a vehicle that will serve you for years, so we thoroughly vet every model before adding it to our inventory. This vetting process shows our dedication and gives you the confidence you deserve when shopping for your next vehicle to handle all your Seattle driving needs.

Another excellent benefit to shopping our inventory of used Honda CR-V models is knowing Honda and our team stand behind every model. Many of these used models fall under the HondaTrue Certified and HondaTrue Used programs, meaning they have more benefits, like warranty coverage, roadside assistance, complimentary oil changes, and a three-day exchange policy. Moreover, these models must pass a more thorough inspection, giving you greater peace of mind in your purchase.

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Seattle Drivers Can Find Their CR-V Here!

The average commute for Seattle drivers is 28 minutes, which means you likely spend around an hour in your vehicle each day just getting to and from work. Add shopping trips, vacations, and meetings with friends and family, and that number only gets larger. But how enjoyable is your time behind the wheel? With a versatile and efficient crossover like the CR-V, your time navigating Seattle and the surrounding areas will be even better.

The CR-V is an established player in the automotive industry, introducing a new class of SUVs when it debuted in the late 1990s. The CR-V continues that tradition today by constantly evolving to meet driver needs and exceed expectations. Fortunately, it’s an approach we appreciate at Klein Honda because, like Honda's approach with the CR-V, we continually look for ways to better serve our customers.

You’ll find the versatile CR-V here at Klein Honda, but you’ll also discover something more than this fantastic crossover. You’ll gain an automotive partner that’s ready and willing to help you bring your Honda dreams to life. The question is, “Are you ready?” You deserve to enjoy your time in the driver’s seat wherever your life in Seattle takes you. That enjoyment starts at Klein Honda, your Seattle-area Honda dealer, and your automotive home away from home. Contact us today to let us help you find your perfect vehicle!