Which Used Honda SUV Is Right for You?

A red 2020 Honda HR-V is shown driving from a used Honda dealer near Kirkland.

Everyone who comes to us wants to find the right vehicle, and many initially feel frustrated or lost because they’re not sure which model will work best for them. With so many great options available to you, particularly if you’re interested in a pre-owned Honda, it’s understandable that you might get overwhelmed by these choices.

As your used Honda dealer near Kirkland, we’re here to help; you don’t have to try to figure this all out on your own. So, let’s check out four of the most popular Honda SUVs when you’re looking at used options. We’ll dig into some of the details for these vehicles to help you figure out which one is right for you and even get into which model years you should keep your eye out for; this should make it easier to know what you’re looking for to find the perfect used Honda SUV.

The Honda HR-V: Great Things in a Small Package

Although a version of the Honda HR-V has been available in other parts of the world for the better part of a decade, it only hit the road here in the US in the 2016 model year. This is the smallest crossover SUV in the Honda lineup—a subcompact model that is designed to easily fit into pretty much any lifestyle.

If you want something with two rows of seats that gives you plenty of cargo space, but you need something small for your garage or navigating crowded city streets, then the HR-V is a fantastic choice. You’ll find a sporty little engine in the HR-V that makes it a lot of fun to drive, but it also has fantastic fuel efficiency, so you don’t have to worry about frequent stops for gas.

Since it has only been available since the 2016 model year, any used HR-V you find will have contemporary features on it. This includes impressive interior tech systems and great advanced safety technology designed to help keep you and others safe while driving around Kirkland. Honda gave the HR-V a facelift and update for the 2019 model year, which includes changes to its grille and front end, plus improved bumpers and new lighting.

The interior is also refreshed with improvements to the infotainment software and driver assistance technology, so these are great ones to look for as you consider a used model. An all-new generation for the HR-V kicked off with the 2023 model year; you might not find a lot of these offered as used just yet, but if you want the latest features, then keep an eye out for one.

A red 2020 Honda CR-V is shown driving.

The Honda CR-V: Compact Size, Big Features

While the HR-V has only been around for half a dozen years here in the US, the Honda CR-V goes back much further and is one of the oldest crossover SUVs still on the market. First introduced for the 1997 model year, the CR-V has been one of Honda’s most popular offerings for more than 25 years and earned a lot of fans thanks to its comfortable compact design.

As you might imagine, it’s also gone through a number of generations in that time, so there can be significant differences between one used CR-V and another. In general, we’d suggest going back no further than 2012 with the introduction of the fourth-generation CR-V.

If you want some more modern features, then keep an eye out for CR-V models from 2015, when it received a facelift and update for its fourth generation. For more modern features, look for a 2017 Honda CR-V, which launched the fifth generation for this crossover, improving tech options and expanding on which models have the Honda Sensing driver assistance features as standard.

A facelift for this generation followed with the 2020 model year, so keep that in mind when looking at used options. This model year also introduced a hybrid engine option, which is something to watch for when looking at used CR-Vs from the last few years.

The Honda Passport: Plenty of Room to Enjoy

If you’re looking for something roomier inside, with lots of cargo space to take advantage of, but you don’t need more seating, then the Honda Passport is a fantastic choice. This is a midsize crossover model with a lot more room inside than the previous two we looked at, but it still has two rows of seating for up to five passengers.

We love the Passport for anyone who lives an active lifestyle and needs space in their vehicle for luggage, camping supplies, or bags after a day of shopping in Kirkland. The Passport was first released for the 1994 model year and ran through 2002, when it was discontinued for almost 20 years.

Recently, Honda brought the Passport back for the 2019 model year for an all-new third generation; it’s still a midsize model, though, so don’t worry. The Passport features an impressive engine that delivers great power, making it a lot of fun to drive and giving you the muscle you can depend on to take you where you need to go.

A few years after its release, Honda gave the Passport a facelift and update for the 2022 model year, including a new front end plus new features inside. Particularly of note is the TrailSport trim introduced with this update, which includes skid plates, off-road bumpers, and more features to deliver an adventurous midsize crossover that’s perfect if you need something to get you to your favorite campsite.

A blue 2020 Honda Pilot EX-L is shown parked outside a building.

The Honda Pilot: Three Rows of Comfort

Finally, we have the Honda Pilot. First introduced for the 2003 model year, the Pilot has been a favorite for drivers looking for a midsize SUV with plenty of room inside to enjoy. For 20 years, the Pilot has typically been Honda’s largest SUV, and it is a terrific choice if you need something for a big or growing family. Of particular note with the Pilot is that it features a third row of seats, making this a great option if you need to have more passengers along with you than the Passport can manage.

It has been through numerous updates and generations since it first hit the road, but we suggest going with a model after 2012 as the oldest one to look at; this year featured a facelift for the second-generation Pilot. For more updated and modern features, you’re better off looking at a 2016 model, which kicked off the third-gen Pilot with a full redesign that improves performance, plus the introduction of added safety technology.

For even more, look for a 2019 model, which updates the third-gen Pilot to include revised interior and exterior styling, plus the Honda Sensing package of driver assistance features as standard on all models.

Find the Perfect Used Honda SUV Today

No matter what kind of SUV or crossover you need for getting around Kirkland, here at Klein Honda we are committed to helping you find it. Our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople will answer your questions, help you explore different options, and make sure you drive away in a vehicle you love. We make financing simple and hassle-free, and our certified service center and parts department are here to keep your used SUV running beautifully for many more years to come.

Whether you need something small and sporty like the CR-V, or your family is growing and you’re interested in a Honda Pilot, we will help you find it. This is the difference that choosing the right dealership makes, and it means you will get the most from your car-buying experience.