The Most Exciting Features of the 2023 Honda CR-V

A blue 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring is shown driving on an open road.

If you’re looking for a Honda dealer near Lynnwood, WA, you’ve come to the right place. Our dealership lot is packed with the full lineup of Honda models for your perusal. We’re particularly excited about the redesigned 2023 Honda CR-V, which has impressed all of us here at Klein Honda. We know what Washington drivers need, and we believe that the Honda CR-V will be the answer to all your driving concerns. It’s a safe, fuel-efficient vehicle that arrives with a host of infotainment options and a plethora of trims to choose from. Honda has once more outdone itself, giving you the ability to customize your own CR-V.

We want to walk you through the features that excite us the most about the 2023 model. We’ve been test-driving the updated CR-V since last year, and we’re now prepared to tell you that the latest generation of this model has a ton to offer. We’re well aware that there are a lot of other compact SUVs on the market, but the CR-V is truly a unique option.

Exterior Elements

The days of dull-looking SUVs are gone. There’s no excuse for manufacturers to offer easily-forgettable SUVs anymore. Brands now produce gorgeous, sporty SUVs, and there’s no question that the CR-V is an incredibly sharp-looking vehicle. The 2023 Honda CR-V comes with a number of features, some standard and some optional, that make this SUV’s exterior the envy of the road.

One of the cooler exterior accessories is the Honda Performance Development (HPD) package. This package spruces up the exterior in subtle but important ways. It adds class without becoming ostentatious. For instance, it includes unique decals and badges, letting onlookers know you take your SUV’s fashion seriously. If you go for the HPD package, you’ll also be gifted a tailgate spoiler, which, in addition to looking cool, cuts down on some of the drag your vehicle faces.

The CR-V can come with roof rails, too. In fact, if you choose the Sport Hybrid or Sport Touring Hybrid trims, they come standard. The roof rails will let you pack some of your luggage to the top of your SUV. This is particularly useful for athletes with lots of gear or campers with lots of supplies. Even if the outdoor lifestyle isn’t to your liking, roof rails look neat, adding a little more flair to your ride.

Speaking of the roof, the roof’s front slope gives this SUV a sporty design, adding yet another level of cool to your vehicle. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice style for utility. Owning an SUV should not mean you have to put your sense of style aside. The most exciting part, though? The number of colors you can choose from. You can go with Crystal Black Pearl if you want a CR-V that’s as dark as night, or you can decide on Radiant Red Metallic if you want to accent the CR-V’s sporty side.

The black interior of a 2023 Honda CR-V Touring Sport shows the steering wheel and center console.

Interior Fashion

Our favorite features are not just on the outside. The interior of the 2023 CR-V comes with many details that impress us and will, we expect, impress you, too. First up are the available leather-trimmed seats. You’ll enjoy them, of course, but they will surely surprise your passengers, too, who will note the comfort and style as they sink into their seats. You can opt for some orange stitching if you like the sporty aspect of this SUV and want to bring that inside. The last aspect of the seats to take pride in? They’re heated. For those of us here in Washington, it cannot be stressed enough how much of a life-changer that feature can be. Anything to make those winter mornings just a little more bearable.

We love the CR-V’s moonroof, too. You might not realize how much a moonroof can add until you sit in the 2023 CR-V. Getting some sunlight (or moonlight) from above while driving down the highway leads to a much more enjoyable driving experience. You get some Vitamin C from the rays and a real sense of being outside, even if your windows are rolled up. If you want fresh air, the moonroof opens up to the outside, and you can let cool night air flow into your SUV.

One feature that’s sure to help if you plan on having a front passenger is the available dual-zone automatic climate control. There’s nothing worse than traveling with someone who has different temperature preferences than you. You’ll end up having to compromise, and then you’re both unhappy with the result. The dual-zone automatic climate control system fixes that problem as it lets you and your front passenger have different temperatures in your respective zones. No more awkward compromising, no more car rides filled with complaints. Now, you and your passengers can be in your separate climates.

A red 2023 Honda CR-V EX is shown from a rear angle driving on an open highway after leaving a Honda dealer near Lynnwood, WA.

More Fuel Efficiency Than You Can Imagine

Honda has long been able to boast of just how fuel efficient its vehicles have been. Often, its models were well ahead of government regulations for fuel efficiency. For instance, in the 1970s, when the United States forced manufacturers to abide by new standards, Honda did not have to do anything different: it had already set the standard for itself years earlier. While other manufacturers had to rush to catch up, Honda could continue with business as usual.

The CR-V proves that Honda’s success in this area has not abated over the decades. While the base turbocharged gas engine in the 2023 CR-V gets great mileage, it’s the hybrid option that truly amazes drivers. You will not be disappointed if you go for a trim that features a hybrid powertrain. Any higher expense upfront will be more than made up at the pump because the hybrid 2023 CR-V is rated for an astonishing EPA-estimated fuel economy of up to 40 MPG combined.[a] That’s a really aggressive rating that is sure to leave you with more wiggle room in your budget. Even if the interior and exterior features didn’t exist, this hybrid option alone would be more than enough to make the CR-V a desired ride.

Driver-Assist Features

The CR-V’s high-tech driver-assist features will let you travel with a sense of security thanks to the Honda Sensing suite. This suite has a slew of technologies that alert you to potential problems and can take early action to mitigate collisions and lane drifting. A perfect example is the Collision Mitigation Braking System. This feature alerts you when a frontal collision seems likely, and it will begin to apply the brakes if the collision appears to be certain. Just ask anyone who has been in an accident: this extra second of braking time can make a world of difference.

Drop By and Visit Klein Honda!

We’d be thrilled to have you test drive one of the 2023 Honda CR-V models on our lot. All of us at Klein Honda know Washington well, so you can trust us when we say the CR-V is the right vehicle to handle our state’s roads. Whether you’re heading to Puget Sound for an excursion or trekking into the more mountainous terrain of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest to the east, the Honda CR-V will have your back. Come on down and see why we’re so excited about this compact SUV.

[a]43 city/36 highway/40 combined mpg rating for 2WD Sport. 40 city/34 highway/37 combined mpg rating for AWD Sport and Sport Touring. Based on 2023 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition (hybrid trims), and other factors.