The Honda Prologue: A New Chapter of the Honda Legacy

A white 2024 Honda Prologue is parked near a Kenmore Honda dealer.

The word “prologue” carries a lot of weight. It is a preliminary event, an opening, a beginning, and a prelude. That’s why there’s no better name for Honda’s first all-electric vehicle than “Prologue.” Born from a legacy of determination starting in 1938, this latest innovation from Honda is taking charge of the future.

Now available at Klein Honda, your Kenmore Honda dealer, the Honda Prologue has made its official debut for the 2024 model year. This sleek and sporty electric SUV has the performance capability to prove it belongs off-road as much as it does uptown. Who said being eco-friendly has to be boring? Certainly not the Prologue.

Modern Beauty With Classic Lines

Aesthetically speaking, the Honda Prologue is quite simply a beautiful vehicle. The sleek, straight lines are broken up by muscular accents in a style that Honda is billing as “Neo-Rugged.” Without dominating the front with a large grille, the SUV has an open appearance when viewed from the front, enhanced by headlights that flow with the lines instead of trying to overpower them with an unnecessarily large size.

The interior is modern, with a choice of monochrome or two-tone color schemes. There is an impressive 136.9 cu.ft. of room in the cabin, which is plenty of space for all your gear to picnic in Marymoor Park or your clubs for a round at Inglewood Golf Club. Your passengers are sure to be delighted by all that legroom! The dash has a built-in 11.3-inch central infotainment screen that is compatible with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Google built-in, which is a brand-new feature for Honda.

A Fine Driving Experience

The standard two-wheel drive version comes with a single, front-mounted electric motor that has been fine-tuned for smooth driving and ease of handling. However, there is also an all-wheel drive version designed to provide more traction and performance. The all-wheel drive option provides an estimated 288 hp with dual electric motors that deliver a robust 333 lb-ft of torque. From these specs, we can see the Prologue offers Kenmore drivers not only an ecologically friendly daily vehicle but also an SUV that can hold its own in an off-roading environment.

A close up shows the infotainment screen in a 2024 Honda Prologue.

Charging the Future

If the Prologue is your first all-electric vehicle, you may be concerned about charging. With Level 3 DC fast charging, the 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack can regain an impressive 65 miles of range in approximately ten minutes.[a] With a full charge, the 2024 Prologue is expected to offer an EPA-estimated 300 miles of range.[b] That’s a massive savings at the pump when you calculate how much gas is needed to get you that far.

As part of Honda’s push for ecological responsibility, the brand offers buyers discounts on home chargers and provides free public charging credits and charging cables when you purchase your Prologue. Honda Home Electrification will allow you to charge your Prologue in your garage so you can greet each day with confidence. There are multiple charging station options, all of which make charging as simple as plugging in your smartphone at night. With the Honda Smart Energy app, you’ll be able to check your electricity usage and discover the best time to charge your Prologue. Being eco-friendly can be surprisingly wallet-friendly with the tools Honda provides EV drivers.

Premium Trims and Options

There are a total of three trim options available for the 2024 Honda Prologue: the EX, Touring, and Elite. The two lower trims come standard with front-wheel drive but can be optioned with all-wheel drive. Meanwhile, the top Elite trim comes standard with a pair of electric motors powering all four wheels.

Even the base EX trim comes with premium touches like Google built-in and a wireless phone charger. It also includes advanced driver-assist technologies such as Blind Zone Steering Assist, which helps the driver detect and avoid vehicles and other objects that may be hidden from view.

The Touring trim steps things up a notch, offering leather upholstery in the interior. It also comes with a Bose 12-speaker premium surround sound system to make every note of your favorite song crisp and crystal clear. You will even enjoy additional driver-assist technologies, like front and rear parking assist sensors.

At the top end of the trim lineup, the Elite brings luxurious comfort with heated and ventilated front seats and a heads-up display. This trim also has eye-catching 21-inch aluminum alloy wheels that help reflect its premium nature and turn heads as you drive through Kenmore.

The Touring and Elite trims are also available in two additional colors for a total of seven options. The first is Sonic Gray Pearl, a slightly bluer gray than Mercury Silver Metallic, which is available for all five trims. The second color is North Shore Pearl, a vibrant teal that is delightfully striking while also remaining classy. Not only will this bright pop of color turn heads, but it will also make finding your Prologue in the parking lot much easier.

A white 2024 Honda Prologue is shown parked on a showroom floor.

The Start of a New Legacy

The Honda Prologue is just that, the preface of a new legacy for Honda. It is the first fully electric SUV from the manufacturer and the leader in the brand’s charge towards an electrifying future. In 2026, it will be followed by a new electric line, which is currently going under the name “0 Series.” While little is known so far, if this series takes after the Prologue, then there’s a lot to be excited for when it joins the lineup.

There’s already company to welcome the Prologue to the family. Both the CR-V, Honda’s compact SUV, and the midsize Accord sedan are available in hybrid versions. With these three models, Honda is a few steps closer to its goal of switching to an entire fleet of electrified vehicles by 2040. It’s a big dream, but Honda was built on big dreams.

Despite a slow start in the electric arena, Honda still plans to win this race. Its late break from the gate getting into the race just might give Honda the advantage to take the win. It has seen how other automotive companies have succeeded and failed and can now use that knowledge to steer a course to the front of the field. It’s hard not to root for a company whose internal motto is “blue skies for our children.” What better goal could there be than leaving a healthier planet to the next generation?

A New Chapter for Honda

Only time will tell who will emerge as the top EV maker. However, Honda has the passion and determination to dominate this field. It cannot be understated what an important chapter this is for Honda. As more automotive manufacturers are moving into the EV industry, we are at the edge of a new era in the history of vehicles and travel. It’s truly an exciting time to be a driver!

Whether your weekends are spent at St. Edward State Park or enjoying the beauty of Lake Washington, the Prologue makes an attractive, competent companion for all your adventures. In a place as beautiful as Kenmore, drivers can truly appreciate the ecological benefits of electric vehicles. With the Prologue, you aren’t asked to sacrifice for the planet. You’re being invited to a new chapter for Honda, the automotive industry, and the planet.

[a] Estimated charging time based on available public information about charging station capability along selected route.
[b] Anticipated combined (city/highway) 300-mile EPA driving range rating for Prologue EX 2WD configuration with a full charge based on internal testing. Your driving range will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, battery pack age/condition, and other factors.