Honda’s Solutions for Seattle Drivers

A grey 2024 Honda Accord is shown driving from a Seattle used Honda dealer.

In 2017, a study was conducted regarding the population density of Seattle. The results were surprising. It reported that the population density and number of residents had increased at an astonishing rate. In fact, out of the 50 most populated cities in the United States, Seattle ranked eighth. This means that for the residents who live in Seattle, commuting can sometimes be fraught with stress. Choosing a reliable method of transportation means finding a vehicle suited to a particular area. Seattle drivers commonly deal with the stop-and-go traffic patterns that accompany any major metropolitan area, so they need something that’s fuel-efficient. A population density as high as Seattle’s requires extra vigilance on the part of a driver; safety and driver-assist features are a must. Here at Klein Honda, we fully understand this. As a Seattle used Honda dealer, as well as a fixture of the local community, we want nothing more than to help facilitate safe and economical travels for Seattle drivers. Honda’s are particularly well-suited to their specific needs.

Honda Accord

Over the past several years, there’s certainly been no shortage of different makes and models on the road in and around Seattle. The mark of an exceptional vehicle is one that’s remained in production for several years and continues to improve itself in that time period. No other vehicle exemplifies this more than the Honda Accord. One of, if not THE most popular four-door sedan on the market, the Honda Accord has been helping commuters cut fuel costs since 1976 and continues to do so. Offering two distinctive four-cylinder powertrains, the Accord is also equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), making it well-suited for highly populated areas where traffic can be stressful to deal with. The CVT makes for a smoother, less distracting drive. The most recent edition of the Accord has developed a reputation for its smooth demeanor, agile handling, and for providing drivers and passengers with a comfortable experience. Already fuel-efficient, the Accord has a hybrid version, which requires even fewer trips to the gas station. It has an EPA rating of 51 MPG in the city and can go over 600 miles between fill-ups. A host of standard safety features, including automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control, make the Accord a good choice for the modern family whose top priorities are economy and safety.

Honda CR-V

We live in an era where the SUV has skyrocketed to a level of popularity that almost no one could have predicted a few decades ago. And one of the vehicles that is partially responsible for this boom is the Honda CR-V. Making its debut in the 1990s, when the prevailing wisdom of SUV design had an overriding emphasis on size, the CR-V proved that there was an untapped demand for smaller SUVs. With the SUV now being considered by many as the ideal family vehicle, the CR-V is a particularly good choice for Seattle drivers. It is small enough to maneuver around town but still has over 70 cu.ft. of cargo space. It allows a driver to take three children and their tubas to band practice and find a parking space when they get there. The hybrid option of the CR-V is one of the most economical choices for conservative fuel consumption, with a city rating of 40 MPG. Like most of Honda’s fleet, the CR-V equips its powertrain with a CVT, making it excellent for commuting to work, or school, or anywhere in between.

A grey 2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring Hybrid is shown driving through a rainy city.

Honda Odyssey

While some have turned to the SUV as the ideal method of family-based transportation, the Honda Odyssey proves that sometimes the old ways are just as functional as the new ones. One of the few minivans still in production and easily one of the most advanced on the market, the Odyssey has seating, storage, and performance that any parent will find satisfying. Seattle parents who grew up in the grunge era will appreciate the van’s beefy 3.5L V6, with 280 hp and 262 lb.ft. of torque. The Odyssey sits on a set of 18-inch wheels, which elevates the vehicle’s presentation and makes it easier to see over other cars in traffic. The Odyssey still manages to encapsulate all of the advantages that the minivan has always provided, such as more than 140 available cu.ft. of storage space (which is more than most full-sized SUVs) or seating for eight makes it perfect for the sports parent who lets themselves get talked into bringing ALL the equipment. And not to worry, with plenty of options for entertainment, the kids will enjoy the ride just as much as you do.

Honda Civic

Anyone who lives in a city as big as Seattle will attest to the advantages of driving a smaller-sized car. Smaller cars make it easier to find gaps in city traffic and spaces in parking garages. And when it comes to the highest-selling vehicles of below-average size and above-average performance, the Honda Civic is at the top of the list. Not only is the Civic small and agile, with the ability to get from point A to point B, but it’s much more affordable than the similar offerings in its class. The Civic successfully underbids the Toyota Prius and Mazda 3 and manages to do so with style and poise. Seattle drivers will appreciate the standard engine, which takes the form of a 2.0L four-cylinder that propels the vehicle forward with 158 hp and 138 lb.ft. of torque. Along with its CVT for city driving conditions, a combined EPA rating of 36 MPG (33 city/42 highway) seems tailor-made for drivers on a budget. All Civic trims come with access to Apple Carplay and Android Auto and have a stylish interior for additional comfort. For those who set a priority on safety and driver-assist technology, there are plenty of standard features, including lane departure and keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, multi-angle cameras, and active stability systems. Popularity and practicality in the same vehicle? We can certainly get behind that.

A blue 2024 Honda Civic is shown.

Seattle Drivers—The Ideal Vehicle is Waiting for You at Klein Honda As Seattle residents ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a method of transportation that suits our particular needs. Navigating through rush-hour traffic, bicycles, pedestrians, and other frustrated drivers can be exhausting. We also know that Honda offers a variety of different solutions to Seattle’s unique challenges. From the Civic and Accord, both of which offer excellent fuel efficiency and the technology that drivers look for, to the CR-V and its family-oriented layout and economical design, we have something for almost any driver. And, of course, let’s not forget about the Odyssey, proof that the minivan is still a viable option for a larger-than-average family who calls the Seattle area home. Which one works best for you? Here at Klein Honda, we’re happy to give you the help you need to make that decision. With a wide selection of Honda vehicles and a staff who understand the subtle intricacies and advantages of each one, we’ll not only provide a positive, low-stress shopping experience but do what it takes to put you in a Honda vehicle that will make living in Seattle more enjoyable than it already is.