5 Stand-Out Features of a Used Honda Accord

A white 2018 Honda Accord Touring is shown driving on a city street after viewing a used Honda Accord for sale.

The Honda Accord is a midsize sedan that combines sophisticated styling with a comfortable cabin and smooth performance. We love it for its responsive steering, timeless style, and cozy cabin. The Honda Accord, put simply, is a classic. Honda figured out a great formula with this sedan and has made a point not to mess with it too much over the years. However, that doesn’t mean the manufacturer hasn’t made some excellent upgrades to the Accord. If you’re shopping for a used Honda Accord for sale that was released in the last decade, below are five stand-out features to look out for.

#1 – Google Built-In

This relatively new feature just came out for the first time in the Accord for the 2023 model. It delivers all of the convenience of Google products right to your vehicle. Given that Google is one of the most popular online ecosystems today, having it in your vehicle is the next best thing to being able to look things up on your laptop while driving.

What can you do with it? You can use your voice to ask Google Assistant to make an appointment for you or remind you to turn on the oven when you get home. You can ask it to look up the weather report for tonight so you can better plan your outfit or find out when that Broadway show is coming to town. It’s basically like having a virtual assistant right there beside you while you’re driving. All of those things you realize you want and need to do, look up, or schedule while your hands are on the wheel—you can just ask Google Assistant to do them for you.

You can also use Google Play to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Headed somewhere new? Google Maps can get you where you’re going. You can look up points of interest along the way, find the most fuel-efficient route, share your location with others, and even download maps to use offline. When you have the power of Google inside your Accord, you should never get lost or fall behind on your schedule again.

#2 – Active Noise Cancellation System

For some drivers, their vehicle is the only place they can get a little peace and quiet. If you work in a chaotic office and go home to screaming kids (or a roommate who plays music too loud), your cabin is your slice of serenity. If that describes you, then you’ll like the fact that all Accord models released in the past decade have Honda’s Active Noise Cancellation System.

This system relies on two strategically placed microphones—one in the ceiling and one in a rear tray—that monitor unwanted noises. The system then sends out an opposite sound wave to cancel out unwanted sounds. The result is a quiet, peaceful cabin where little ones can nap or you can just collect your thoughts. And it’s always on—you don’t need to do anything to activate it.

The black, brown, and white interior and dash in a 2020 Honda Accord is shown.

#3 – LaneWatch

Today’s Accords have a Blind Spot Information System, but before BSI, there was LaneWatch. Honda first introduced the camera-based system in 2013, and it was on the Accord all the way up until the 2018 redesign. When it first came out, it was a pretty revolutionary system because it made the otherwise costly addition of blind-zone monitoring systems quite affordable.

At the time, adding sensors to a vehicle was pricey. So Honda put a second backup camera on the right-side mirror. Any time a driver activates their right-hand turn signal, this camera shows its feed on the infotainment screen. Today, Honda has made the switch to radar sensors that detect someone approaching in your blind zone, but for many years, LaneWatch was how Accord drivers could see if it was safe to switch lanes.

#4 – Honda Sensing

Honda Sensing is Honda’s suite of driver assist features. In 2016, all Accords were given the suite as an option, and the feature was made standard in 2018. Honda Sensing does two important things: it boosts driver awareness and, sometimes, can even intervene to prevent a collision or minimize the impact of a crash. While the initial suite was somewhat rudimentary, Honda has rapidly improved upon it.

Today, drivers can expect tons of great features from the Honda Sensing suite, like Forward Collision Warning, which notifies the driver through visible and audible alerts if a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is imminent. Should the driver fail to respond in time, the Collision Mitigation Braking System will activate.

The suite also has a Road Departure Mitigation System and Lane Departure Warning. These features combine cameras with automatic steering and braking to keep you in your lane if they sense you drifting out of it. They will also warn drivers either via a steering wheel vibration or an audible alert if they accidentally steer off the road.

Other popular features include Traffic Jam Assist, which takes over steering and braking at low speeds to help drivers maintain their lane and avoid accidents. Then there’s Traffic Sign Recognition, which detects speed limit signs and displays them on the instrument panel. These are just some of the features you can find in a used Honda Accord.

A silver 2020 Honda Accord Touring is shown driving near a city.

#5 – A Relocated Hybrid Powertrain

Honda has offered the Accord in hybrid variants since 2005. This made the already commuter-friendly Accord even more commuter-friendly by boosting fuel efficiency through harnessing the power of a motor and gas engine together. However, in 2018, Honda made the smart choice to relocate this powertrain.

While earlier Accord hybrids placed their battery pack and associated control systems in the trunk, 2018 and later examples have these components beneath the rear passenger seat. This frees up the trunk to be used for cargo and creates the space for a 60/40 split-folding rear seat. With this new powertrain location, the Accord hybrid enjoys the same cargo capacity as its traditional gas engine sibling.

Find Your Next Accord at Klein Honda

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Today, we discussed some highlights from the last decade, but our sales team has a wealth of knowledge of this vehicle. If you have questions about a model year we didn’t cover today or are looking for a specific feature, just speak to one of our sales representatives. They are Accord experts and will find you the exact model that fits your needs. You can request a certain trim, special package, paint color, transmission type, mileage, and so much more.