4 Honda SUVs to Look For When Shopping Used

A grey 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has used cars for sale.

Many drivers appreciate the benefits that SUVs provide. While sedans have sealed trunks, SUVs have open cargo areas that can be expanded by folding seats flat. SUVs also tend to be taller than cars, giving you a higher driving position and more ground clearance, so you can explore rural areas and unpaved roads without worrying about damage. However, because SUVs tend to be bigger than cars, they take more materials to make and are generally more expensive. One great way to save money while still getting an SUV that works for your purposes is to find a used option.

We have all types of used cars for sale here at Klein Honda, including plenty of pre-owned SUVs. While we sell models from a variety of automakers in our used lot, we know that many of our customers like to stick to Honda, even when shopping used. We don’t blame them. Honda has a hard-earned reputation for making reliable vehicles that are built to last, so you can trust that a used Honda SUV will last a while. Today, we’re going to take a look at what models you should keep an eye out for while you browse.

The Green Pick: 2020-2022 CR-V Hybrid

Plenty of Washington drivers are interested in going green, and we have plenty of options that are not only reliable and practical but also help you keep your carbon footprint in check. In fact, buying a used vehicle is already a good call not only for budget-conscious drivers but for the planet. While newer models are sometimes slightly more fuel efficient, they still take a lot of materials and energy to produce. But if you really want to get the greenest choice possible, even among used options, you can’t go wrong with a Honda CR-V Hybrid.

The CR-V is a compact SUV that has been in production for decades and is well-known for being reliable, stylish, and available with a wide variety of comfort and convenience features. For the 2020 model year, Honda introduced a hybrid powertrain that improved the CR-V’s already impressive fuel economy. The average 2024 vehicle gets 28 MPG combined, according to the EPA, while a non-hybrid 2020 CR-V gets an EPA-estimated 30 MPG combined when equipped with front-wheel drive, and the 2020 CR-V Hybrid gets an EPA-estimated 38 MPG combined even though it comes standard with all-wheel drive.[a] That puts the CR-V Hybrid a full 10 MPG above the 2024 average, which adds up in fuel savings over the years.

Any model year or trim level of the CR-V Hybrid is worth considering, and for that matter, the non-hybrid CR-V is a fuel-efficient option in its own right. But if you want the most efficient used Honda SUV, we recommend looking at a CR-V Hybrid from the 2020-2022 model year range. During this time, the hybrid came standard with AWD, which can come in handy here in the Pacific Northwest. Since the CR-V entered a new generation for the 2023 model year, the older version tends to be more affordable, and it still comes with plenty of useful tech features, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and standard driver assist features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

A grey 2022 Honda Passport Trailsport is shown from the side while off-road.

The Rugged Pick: 2022-2024 Passport TrailSport

If you’re looking for an SUV that can tackle unpaved country backroads or even some light off-roading, you can find an affordable and reliable pick in a used Passport TrailSport. The TrailSport trim was added to the Passport’s lineup for the 2022 model year, so look for that year or newer during your search. Like other Pilot models from this year, the 2022 TrailSport is a midsize SUV powered by a V6 engine that delivers 280 hp, giving it the oomph you need to have fun behind the wheel. This model can tow up to 5,000 lbs, making it great for adventurous people who like to bring a boat or camping trailer in tow when they go on vacation in the great outdoors.

The TrailSport isn’t the only trim in the lineup that can be had with all-wheel drive, bringing the 2022 Passport’s ground clearance up from 7.5 inches to 8.1 inches, but it does have exclusive 18-inch wheels with rugged tires and a wider track for increased stability. The Passport TrailSport isn’t just good for rough terrain—it also handles well on the highway, where its powerful engine makes it a breeze to get up to the speed of traffic in a timely manner. It also has a comfortable interior with a generous amount of legroom in the back row, an infotainment system that holds up today, and standard safety features that let you drive with confidence.

The Affordable Pick: 2016-2022 HR-V

The HR-V is a highly affordable option even if you’re shopping for a new model, so you can get a doubly good deal when buying one used. The small exterior of this subcompact SUV comes in handy when maneuvering in tight spaces and parking, so it’s a great pick for anyone who regularly deals with a tiny parking garage or street parking in a busy downtown area. But on the inside, Honda has made clever use of the space it has, with a layout that feels spacious to passengers.

The innovative Magic Seat is a feature that makes the second row impressively configurable and increases cargo volume. It not only has the typical 60/40 split but can be folded into three different cargo modes. Utility Mode provides the maximum possible overall cargo volume. Tall Mode gives you nearly four feet of space from floor to ceiling, so you can easily transport a tall item like a large plant. Long Mode lets you tilt the front passenger seat all the way back so you can fit long items like lumber or surfboards without letting them hang out the back.

Like the CR-V, the HR-V entered a new generation for the 2023 model year. Sticking to the first generation, which spans the 2016-2022 model years, can help you get an even better deal, allowing you to either pocket some money for a rainy day or upgrade to a higher trim with better features. On top of sticker price, a 2016 HR-V with its EPA-estimated 31 MPG combined is actually more fuel-efficient than the 2023 HR-V, which is rated at an EPA-estimated 28 MPG combined, partly because the second-generation model has a more powerful engine and partly because the HR-V has gotten larger, and therefore heavier, over the years.[a]

A white 2023 Honda HR-V is shown from the front at an angle.

The Three-Row Pick: 2019-2024 Pilot

If you have a big family or like to take road trips with your friends, then five seats may not be enough. The midsize Pilot offers three rows of seating, accommodating up to eight people. Since it’s such a good option for families, the Pilot is available with kid-friendly features like a rear-seat entertainment system and a CabinTalk intercom system that lets you keep an eye on kids in the back without raising your voice.

Because safety is such an important priority for families, we recommend sticking to the 2019 model year or later when buying a used Pilot. Don’t get us wrong—earlier models are still well-constructed and safe. The Pilot was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick way back in the 2007 model year, and the 2016 model was named a Top Safety Pick+ thanks to its crashworthy design.[b] But for the 2019 Pilot, driver assist features like forward-collision alert, automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, and adaptive cruise control became standard across the lineup, making it easier for drivers to stay aware of nearby threats and avoid accidents.

Like the Passport, the Pilot added a more rugged TrailSport trim to the lineup for the 2022 model year, so adventurous families can keep an eye out for that as well. All trims have cavernous cabins that can switch on a dime from spacious seating areas to massive cargo holds.

Find Your Perfect Match Here at Klein Honda

No matter what kind of SUV you’re looking for, we can get you set up with something that will serve you well here at Klein Honda. Our inventory includes used SUVs of all sizes and trim levels, from the city-friendly HR-V to the large and in-charge Pilot. You can rest assured that all of the used vehicles on our lot meet our high standards, and each one comes with a complimentary CARFAX vehicle history report, so you can easily do your research here on our website and make an informed decision. If you’re not quite sure which model is right for you, our friendly team is always on hand to answer your questions and help you narrow things down to your dream SUV.

[a]Based on EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Mileage will depend on model year, trim, and condition of the vehicle. Your mileage will also vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.
[b]The 2007 Honda Pilot was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick and the 2016 Pilot was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick+. For more information, visit the Insurance Institute for Highway safety at www.iihs.org. IIHS is a registered trademark of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.