Klein Honda Unlimited Maintenance Membership Program | Recommended!

For as low as $19.95 a month, maintaining your vehicle has never been more affordable and easy! Maintaining your vehicle with one low monthly payment will allow you to control maintenance expenses on your terms, no more huge out of pocket expense to maintain your vehicle. We offer the most comprehensive service membership plans tailored to you and your vehicle.   

Pick the plan that works best for you, it's that easy. Keep the Unlimited Maintenance Membership Plan for as long or little as you want.  No long term contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Use our Mobile App to schedule appointments or text chat with customer support. Everything you need is at your finger tip. With this plan you simple click the app, make an appointment drop the vehicle off and pick the vehicle up when completed,  No phone calls, No surprises, No huge out of pocket expense!

Protect yourself against rising costs, and lock in to an Unlimited Maintenance Membership Plan!
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When the Oil life of your Honda reached 15%, a wrench image will display on your dash, along with the Maintenance "Codes

The Maintenance Minder is an important feature of the information display. Based on engine and transmission operating conditions, and accumulated engine revolutions, your Honda's onboard computer (ECM/PCM) calculates the remaining engine oil and the transmission fluid life. The system also displays the remaining engine oil life along with the code(s) for other scheduled maintenance items needing service.

Here is a description of what each individual Maintenance code means for your vehicle. (Please remember that more than one code may be displayed at a time)

A - Replace just engine oil and Filter
B - Replace engine oil and oil filter. Also inspect Brake system and components and perform a tire rotation.
1 - Rotate tires, and check tire pressure and condition
2 - Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt, and replace dust and pollen filter.
3 - Replace transmission fluid and transfer fluid (if equipped).
4 - Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt (if equipped), inspect water pump, and inspect/ adjust valve clearance.
5 - Replace engine coolant
6 - Replace rear differential fluid (if equipped).

What is covered?
The plan you select will include everything listed, you pick the plan that fits both your vehicle and your budget. We offer basic plans that covers all factory required maintenance to plans that include brakes, tires and more.

When can I get maintenance performed?
Most vehicles are equipped with on onboard computer outlining when and what is required for your vehicle. As soon as the light comes on the required maintenance is performed.  For vehicles not equipped with an onboard computer maintenance system the factory required maintenance will be performed as outlined in the owners manual.     

Why do I need this?
Most people find making one lower monthly payment that covers you against unexpected or expensive maintenance service is much easier then paying for it all at once.  Our Unlimited Maintenance Plans removes all doubt, keeps you on budget, keeps your factory warranty valid, keeps any vehicle service contract valid, gives you a higher resale or trade value and protects you against service maintenance inflation.

Where can I use this?
The Unlimited Maintenance Plan is good only at this dealership, because the services are heavily discounted all covered maintenance must be performed here. We do offer trip codes that allow for covered maintenance to be performed when on vacation or out of town. 

How long do I have to keep this?
You have complete control over this program. You can cancel at any time for any reason. Most customers see incredible value in the program, once you experience our Unlimited Plan we feel certain you will want to keep it for years to come. Over 93.7% of customers keep their Unlimited Maintenance Membership Plan.

Where do I make my payment?
When activated you will go through our secure Dealership app to set up ongoing payments. You select the payment date that works best for you and we will simply charge the monthly payment to the payment type you selected.

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Some vehicles may not qualify for an Unlimited Maintenance Membership Plan