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Honda Car Timing Belt Special Offers

Timing Belt Service & Repair Explanation:

Remove the cars timing belt cover. Loosen or remove the timing belt tensioner. Remove the timing belt. Inspect the tensioner and all idler pulleys for wear and worn or noisy bearings. Inspect the water pump (if it is driven by the timing belt) for leaks. Install a new timing belt and set the belt tension according to the factory service information.

Why is the timing belt service or repair important?

Many engines with overhead camshafts have timing belts. The vehicle timing belt provides a flexible, quiet connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft in your engine and keeps the valves opening and closing in time with the movement of the pistons. It is a precision-built toothed belt. Engines that use timing belts are generally placed into two categories: interference engines, and non-interference engines. If the timing belt breaks on a non-interference engine, there is generally enough clearance between the valves and pistons so that engine damage does not occur. If the timing belt breaks on an interference engine, the pistons will usually collide with the engine valves - the result can be severe engine damage.

On either type of engine, when the timing belt breaks, the engine will stop. Often a timing belt that is past due for replacement will slip, putting the engine out of time before it breaks. An engine with this condition present will either run very poorly or not at all. Your Honda vehicle owner's manual will recommend at what mileage the timing belt must be replaced.

Advantages & Benefits for replacing your vehicles timing belt:

Replacing your vehicles timing belt at the vehicle manufacturer's recommended interval can prevent expensive engine damage that can occur when a timing belt slips or breaks. This step can also keep your vehicle running reliably with the correct valve timing. The advantage to replacing your cars timing belt according to the manufacturer's specifications is that you ensure that the precision timing of your vehicle remains as indicated by the manufacturer. If an old timing belt stretches or breaks, it will often leave you stranded on the side of the road with engine damage.

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