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Tire Changes at Klein Honda

Everett Washington has above average rain fall, and any precipitation - rain or snow- makes stopping harder. To ensure the best traction, it's important that you have enough tread on our tires at all time. Instead of waiting for our service team to tell you that yours are done, you can monitor your tread from your driveway:

Step 1

Find a quarter

Step 2

Flip the quarter so you're placing Washington's head into the tread

Step 3

If you can see above Washington's wig then it's time for a replacement set

When you do need new tires, our parts center team can order you the proper set.

Why is Tire Service Important?

The humble tire doesn't get a lot of attention. When we think of vehicle safety, our minds often go right to Honda Sensing® technologies that offer crash mitigation and driver assistance, but let's not forget the crucial role that tires play in vehicle safety: stopping. Here are important tire services you should get for your Honda vehicle.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are necessary because tires don't wear evenly. The front and back ones and right and left ones will have their own uneven wear issues, and the same is true for those who have a 2WD or AWD Honda model. By getting tire rotations, you'll help encourage even wear that can make your tires last longer and keep your safer.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Something you can do on your own is monitor the tire pressure. Yes, your Honda vehicle will likely have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, but the alert usually goes off when the pressure is already quite low.

  • Check your tires when they are "cold" with a tire pressure gauge (i.e., haven't been driven for at least 3 hours)
  • See how the PSI readout compares to the number found on the sticker inside of the driver's door. Don't use the number that is listed on the actual tire!

Protect your Car with a Tire Maintenance Service Appointment in Everett, WA

Check this once a month if you're extra diligent or during the seasonal changes when the weather dips or rises. The benefits of properly inflated tires include better wear, stronger traction, and better fuel ratings.

For more information on tire care at our dealership, contact our service center or schedule an appointment.

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