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What happens if you don't fix alignment issues on your vehicle?

Now, you might think the problems above, while a bit obnoxious, aren't a big enough deal for you to come in for alignment service. We don't mean to employ scare tactics, but this is what can happen when a Honda model is out of alignment for too long.


Premature tire wear. This means spending more money on tires and not getting proper traction


Undue stress on our vehicle's suspension


You always have to keep a tighter grip on the wheel

Fuel Rating

Off alignment can affect your braking and reduce your EPA-estimated fuel ratings

Just like it's better to get your strained back looked at before the issue gets worse and costlier to remedy, the same can be said for your vehicle and its alignment troubles.

Why is Alignment Important?

Know how you can get a kink your neck, your back suddenly feels funny, or you wish your hip would just pop? Those are all signs your body is out of alignment, and the same thing can happen to the Honda vehicle you drive around Everett. And just like there are things you can do with your body to get it back into alignment, the same is true for your car!

How often do you need to get your Honda vehicle's alignment checked?

Many services have schedules you should adhere to, but with alignments you really only need to get the service done for the following reasons:

  • Get an alignment check if you've hit a particularly hard pothole
  • Have gotten new tires and want them to wear evenly
  • Notice the three signs below

What are the signs that your Honda model might be out of alignment?

  • A vehicle should be able to drive on a straight line without much wheel work. If you notice your Honda sedan likes to drift to a particular side, you might need some alignment work
  • When a vehicle isn't in alignment there's a tendency for your tires to wear unevenly and prematurely
  • If your wheel won't stop vibrating when you drive, this annoying issue might mean your Honda is out of alignment
  • Protect your Car with a Wheel Alignment Service Appointment in Everett, WA

    If you think your Honda model needs alignment service, schedule an appointment with our fantastic service center team! Since our technicians work with the brand exclusively, they'll quickly be able to diagnosis the alignment problem or get to the root cause, making your driving experience a lot more enjoyable.

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