After Hours Service Key Drop Info - We make it Easy!

You can also drop off your car anytime before your schedule appointment if needed. Not responsible for transportation.

Easy and Convenient Service in the Lynwood Area at Klein Honda in Everett

Have you ever been in a situation where you had some unexpected maintenance required for your Honda? It doesn't always happen at the most convenient times. You might be driving late at night through Lynnwood, WA and your engine light comes on. You don't want to leave your car on the side of the road, but you don't have a lot of options on where you can tow it. At our dealership, serving the local zip codes of 98012, 98208, 98087, and 98290, we have a solution!

When you pull up to our dealership, we have a Service Key Dropbox that is easy to use. It's a service that has been a life saver for many drivers who have needed work completed on their Honda but were unable to reach our dealership during our hours. And all it takes are three easy steps!

  1. Fill out the key drop envelope with your contact information
  2. Seal your keys inside the envelope
  3. Drop the envelope in the black box located to the left of the service garage doors

Once our business opens for the day, a Klein Honda Service Advisor will contact you to discuss the details of why your car requires maintenance or repairs. At our Everett dealership, we understand that you can't always predict when things are going to wrong.

Our service technicians are skilled in a large variety of maintenance needs and are capable of tackling just about anything that can go wrong. When we contact you, we will do so with an idea of what is wrong with your vehicle. We will talk with you about what is required but we won't get started without confirmation from you about the repairs.

At Klein Honda, servicing areas like Seattle and Bothell, we're ready to take on any maintenance you might require. And now, you don't have to worry about rushing around trying to get your vehicle in for service. Just make sure you include the key in the envelope with your contact information and we'll take care of the rest! Contact us today to learn more about the process.

Klein Honda Service Hours - After Hours Use the Drop Box

  • Monday - Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Klein Honda service key drop is just another service advantage. We appreciate your service business and look forward to servicing your Honda vehicle at Klein Honda in Everett.

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