Company Mission Statement for Klein Honda

Company Mission Statement for Klein Honda

We Are Klein Honda

Klein Honda is franchised by American Honda Motor Co, inc. to offer for sale a full line of vehicles with standard and special options manufactured under the trade name of American Honda. In conjunction with this franchise, Klein Honda offers for sale a full line of quality, genuine Honda parts and accessories as well as full service support. A separate business management department at Klein Honda offers vehicle leasing as an option to purchase as well as vehicle financing.

Declaration of Principles

In carrying out all business transactions, it is the intent of Klein Honda to provide excellent quality products and services at competitive prices that provide a reasonable rate of return in line with the resources and efforts invested while maintaining an acceptable market share within our competitive sales region.

In regards, it is our pledge to sustain friendly, straightforward and honest relations with our customers; respectful and supportive relations with our employees, and professional, wholesome and contributory relations within the community we share.

We at Klein Honda hire only the best people; those who are positive and enthusiastic. We recognize the fact that we are all individuals, but will work well as a team. We smile, we listen, we are, we are polite, we are courteous, we are family oriented and community involved. We are always looking for new ways to improve one's self and job performance. We at Klein Honda believe in constant training.

We at Klein Honda believe and realize "that there is no substitute for a satisfied customer." We have long realized that all the investments in pretty buildings and equipment, etc., would be worthless without customers who appreciate and get excellent products and service.

Klein Honda employees believe that customers require special care! We treat our customers like you treat your friends. You care about them, and you show it. You want to do the extra-special things, and you do them. You're sincere, you're honest, you're personable, and your patient. The result is a feeling of trust. You rely upon each other. We at Klein Honda recognize that customer trust and loyalty builds long-term trust success. As with any asset, customers require care. Customer goodwill cannot and will not be taken for granted at Klein Honda.

We at Klein Honda work very hard, but have fun at the same time.

We at Klein Honda have confidence in the future because over the past 40 years we have learned what works from the past. We are eager to make changes where changes are needed, for we can always learn even better ways to go about our business.

We at Klein Honda love our jobs, our company, our customers, our community and our industry. We know it and it shows.

We at Klein Honda sincerely thank you for your business and we will constantly strive to keep you happy for that important decision you made to put your confidence and trust in us.


Steven R. Klein