Honda Transmission Repair | Everett, Lynnwood WA

Honda Transmission Repair

Searching for a Honda Dealer or any Honda service shop to repair your Honda's transmission?

Good News! Klein Honda in Everett is your Honda transmission repair and service specialist. We have been fixing and repair Honda transmissions since 1976. Yes, that is a long time. We even have an auto expert mechanic who has been servicing Hondas for over 30 years! We have the quality of Honda Factory Parts and the resources to do it better than anyone else. Trust your honda transmission issue with us and we will fix it and get you back on the road. Plus we have transmission service specials available.

Common Signs Your Honda Transmission needs to be serviced:

  • Leaking auto Transmission Fluid
  • Auto Transmission Slips or Won't Engage
  • Honda Stutters or Jerks While Accelerating
  • Auto Transmission Pops in and out of Gear
  • Your Honda Check Engine Light is On
  • Honda Will Turn on but Can't Get it to Move

Preventing Transmission Problems with your Honda Vehicle Today:

The Honda automatic transmission is very complicated and is prone to problems. Any repair to an automatic transmission can be complicated and expensive. The following steps can help prevent transmission problems in many cases:

  • Regularly look at your driveway or parking spot for transmission leaks.
  • Change the fluid as your owner's manual suggests. Also change it out when it becomes too dark or dirty. Another reason to change it often it, you can only change about 65% of the fluid at any one time because there is always transmission fluid left in parts like the torque converter. Klein Honda can take care of this and we only use Honda Genuine Fluids on or Honda vehicles.
  • Never shift to reverse or park while the Honda car is moving forward.
  • Always make sure to be holding down the brake when shifting from park to drive or reverse. This is a very important tip.
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