Honda Apple CarPlay: Connect your iPhone to your car

Honda was one of Apple’s key partners who agreed to use the CarPlay system in their cars. It is a safer and smarter way to use your iPhone in a Honda vehicle. The system brings all the necessary information, such as apps, music controls, and device battery life, from your smartphone to the screen in the car, taking the interaction between your iPhone and Honda to a new level. 

To take advantage of this feature, you need at least an iPhone 5 with IOS 7.1 installed. The Apple CarPlay functionality prevents a driver from fumbling around with the phone, thus, helping keep the eyes on the road.

Is Apple CarPlay Standard on Honda?

Most Honda cars from the 2016 model year have the Apple CarPlay integrated. Apple CarPlay is standard on the most popular 2022 Honda models and available on many more as an option:

As a rule, the manufacturer reserves standard CarPlay for all trims except the base one. But to make sure your favorite model has this smartphone-compatible infotainment system, check our inventory page. 

How Do I Know If My Honda Civic Supports Apple CarPlay?

To find out if your Honda Civic has Apple CarPlay, you can plug your iPhone into the main USB port and check the menu on the screen or look through the user manual. 

Can I Add Apple CarPlay to My Honda?

For Honda cars older than 2016 or not compatible with Apple CarPlay, you will need to install a new infotainment system. It’s a convenient solution if you want to start using Apple CarPlay instead of buying another car. Contact our service center to find out how we can help you. 

Why Isn’t Apple CarPlay Working in My Honda?

If Apple CarPlay is not working in your Honda, there can be several problems. One of these steps may help you make the system work:

If you’re still having issues connecting Honda to Apple CarPlay, schedule a service in Everett.