Your Honda is safer with Android Auto

Android Auto is a Google program that aims to fit your entire mobile phone into your car. The Google service offers some important features that will enhance your road trip. In addition, it allows you to stay connected, minimizing the distraction from driving. 

If you want to get a closer look at the Android Auto in Honda Civic or CR-V, head on to Klein Honda for a test drive. You will find many attractive options in our robust inventory of Hondas for sale in Everett, WA.

How to Activate and Set Up Android Auto on Honda

To activate Android Auto, connect the phone charger to your device and plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on your Honda’s dashboard. The pairing process will begin immediately, and you will see the Android Auto button prompt on the home screen. Just click it to start using the program. Watch this tutorial for more instructions:

Activating Android Auto on your Honda HR-V or Civic gives you access to such convenient features, as:

Can Android Auto Be Connected for Wireless?

With some phones and cars, you can use the wireless connection with Android Auto which is more convenient. However, since Android Auto can be a real battery drain when you play music and turn on navigation options on a long drive, it is often handy to plug it in to keep your phone charged. So, if your Honda Accord or Civic supports a wireless connection with Android Auto, you may prefer to use it for everyday driving and still connect via USB for longer trips. 

If you have problems with Honda wireless Android Auto update or connection, don’t postpone your visit to the Klein Honda service center. 

What Phones Are Compatible with Honda Android Auto?

Most Android phones are compatible with Honda Android Auto. Moreover, it is a built-in app on any smartphone with Android 10 and above. Users of Android 9 and below can install Android Auto via the Play Store. 

Which Hondas Have Android Auto?

If you want to buy a used or new Honda car in Everett with access to Android Auto, choose from the models listed above:

If you want to use Android Auto, but didn’t find your Honda on this list, you can replace its head unit. At Klein Honda, you can get one of the entertainment systems installed that feature Android Auto integration. Contact our Accessories Department to find out how we can help you.