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Honda Fuel Injector Cleaning Service


Service & Repair Explanation:

Honda fuel injectors can be cleaned in several different ways depending on the severity of the problem, your type of vehicle, and the particular equipment your service facility uses. The quickest and easiest is a solvent put in the gasoline, but anything that can go in the gas tank will be diluted and thus not have the strength to actually clean an injector, although it may help the injector from clogging with regular use.

The most common cleaning method is a high-pressure, "on the car" cleaning process where special equipment is hooked up to the fuel intake and a powerful solvent is injected under high pressure through the fuel injectors to clean out the stubborn deposits. The most aggressive method is to remove the injectors and have them cleaned "off the car" which usually is not cost effective except in very specific situations.

Why is the service or repair important?

The efficiency of your vehicle is very dependent on the proper atomization or spray pattern that the Honda fuel injector is responsible for. As little as an 8 or 10% restriction in an injector can adversely effect your engine's performance by not allowing the gasoline entering the combustion chamber to be burnt effectively, losing part of the energy that was available, but not burned.

Advantages & Benefits

Honda fuel injectors are the single most important component in the fuel system to keep your engine running efficiently and getting the most performance and mileage from every ounce of gasoline.

Service Pricing Advantage

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