Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service | Lynnwood, Marysville, Everett WA

Honda Brake Pad Replacement Service


Service & Repair Explanation:

Remove the wheels. For disc brakes, remove the brake caliper and then remove the Honda brake pads. Inspect the rotors for signs of damage or excessive wear. Replace or resurface the rotor as necessary. Inspect the brake caliper and brake hoses for damage and leaks. Replace the Honda brake pads. For drum brakes, remove the brake drum. Remove the Honda brake shoes. Inspect the brake hardware, wheel cylinders and hoses for damage. Inspect the brake drum for damage, or excessive wear. Replace or resurface the drum as necessary. Clean the brake drum and backing plate. Replace the Honda brake shoes. Reinstall the brake drum. Adjust the brakes as necessary. Reinstall the wheels and torque the lug nuts to the Honda vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Why is the service or repair important?

This repair is all about safety. Your vehicle's brake system is only as good as your brake pads and/or brake shoes. The safety of you and your family depends on your brake system working properly and stopping your vehicle - every time. Aside from the obvious safety issues, neglecting the maintenance of your brake pads and shoes can cause the friction material on your brake pads and shoes to completely wear out. This can cause the steel backing on your brake pads or shoes to contact the rotors or drums and will destroy the rotors or drums, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

Advantages & Benefits

There are no shortcuts when it comes to your Honda vehicle's brakes. Having a professional automotive Honda trained technician check and service brakes on a regular basis is essential to your safety behind the wheel. Maintaining your brake system by replacing your Honda brake pads and shoes before they are completely worn out will help keep your brakes working properly and save you money by avoiding unexpected damage to your brake components caused by metal to metal contact.

Where can I service my Honda for my Honda brake pad replacement? How much does it cost to replace my Honda brake pads? What is a Honda brake pad replacement service? Why is it important Honda Service? Can I trust the local Honda Service Dealer? Honda brake pad replacement info is found on the service page of local Everett, WA Honda Dealer website. The majority of your concerns and questions can be answered on this brake pad info page. If you still need help then please call Klein Honda Service Dealer and we can properly diagnose your concerns and your Honda. You can schedule service online for your Honda. Remember to view and print any current Honda service brake pads coupons when you service your Honda at your Honda Dealer, WA.

Pricing Advantage

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Neglecting your brake system could lead to increased repair costs on their vehicle components. This repair is all about safety. The safety of you and your repair family depends on your brake system working properly and stopping your vehicle - every time. Please get your brake pads and / or brake shoes checked every 6 months or sooner if you experience any of the following:

Continuously squealing or grinding brakes

Low or spongy brake pedal

Brake warning light that stays on

Hard brake pedal