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Service & Repair Explanation:

Loosen the drive belt tensioner and remove the old Honda belt. Inspect the tensioner and idler pulley bearings for noise or signs of wear. Inspect tensioner and idler pulleys. Install the new Honda belt. Start the engine, and after a minute or so, shut the engine off. Recheck the belt tension and make final adjustments as necessary.

Why is the service or repair important?

The Honda accessory drive belts on your vehicle perform many functions. The power steering system, alternator (charging system), and AC system are all driven by accessory drive belts. On some vehicles, accessory drive belts also drive the water pump, engine cooling fan, and air injection pump (emission control). Accessory drive belts wear during normal engine operation, and need to be checked and replaced periodically; you can lose one or more systems if a belt is broken.

A broken Honda fan or waterpump belt can cause severe overheating which could result in expensive repairs, or even total engine failure. A broken Honda power steering belt can result in the loss of your vehicle's power steering system, which could make your vehicle very difficult to steer. A broken Honda alternator belt could cause your vehicle to lose all of its electrical power, and could eventually result in a dead battery.

Where can I service my Honda for my Honda belt replacement? How much does it cost to replace my Honda belt? What is a Honda belt replacement service? Why is it important Honda Service? Can I trust the local Honda Service Dealer? Honda belt replacement info is found on the service page of local Everett, WA Honda Dealer website. The majority of your concerns and questions can be answered on this belt replacement info page. If you still need help then please call Klein Honda Service Dealer and we can properly diagnose your concerns and your Honda. You can schedule service online for your Honda. Remember to view and print any current Honda service belt coupons when you service your Honda at your Honda Dealer, WA.

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