Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service at Klein Honda

Honda Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Diagnose Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light at Klein Honda in Everett, WA

Your Honda’s onboard computer is constantly monitoring the performance of your vehicle. If a yellow engine icon illuminates, you will have little idea exactly why the light came on. It means that a problem has occurred somewhere within your vehicle’s mechanical or electrical systems. Your problem may be minor, or it may be a significant problem. There is no way for you to know exactly why your check engine light has come on until our trained Klein Honda technicians perform a diagnostic investigation.

The Warnings a Check Engine Light Present

In addition to the illumination of the international check-engine symbol, or the words “Check Engine”, your onboard computer will store a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). Extracting this code from your onboard computer will help our technicians determine the scope of your engine problem, and it will then guide us in the successful repair of your vehicle. At Klein Honda, we can easily retrieve the DTC from your vehicle, and it will lead to whatever repair your Honda needs.

How Serious is a Check Engine Light?

Until our technicians retrieve your vehicle’s DTC, the cause of this troubling light cannot be known. The problem may simply be a loose gas cap that was not properly mounted after fueling your vehicle. Or, it could be related to serious engine or transmission problems, emissions equipment problems, or problems with the modules and sensors that control your vehicle. Is your check engine light glowing steadily, or is it flashing? A steadily glowing light means that service should be scheduled soon. However, a flashing check engine light is a cause for concern, and it should be addressed immediately by our Klein Honda technicians. Delay in addressing a flashing check engine light can cause severe damage to your engine.

Visit our Klein Honda Service Center for a Quick Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service

With our online service scheduler giving you easy access to Klein Honda’s highly trained technicians, we will quickly retrieve the Diagnostic Trouble Code from your vehicle. And afterward, we will perform any services that your Honda may require. Our service department is easy to reach, whether in Everett or the western Snohomish County communities of Bothell, Lynnwood, Marysville, or Lake Stevens. If you choose to wait for your service to be completed, you can experience our kid- and pet-friendly cozy waiting area, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi access. And, as always, at Klein Honda, your complete ownership satisfaction is our goal.


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