The Honda Brand set out to prove a minivan can be a looker!

When you think 'stylish vehicle' a minivan doesn't usually come to mind. They aren't known for being the most elegantly designed vehicles on the road. Their true purpose is hauling families and not necessarily turning heads. However, the Honda Brand decided to challenge that design notion with the revamped 2018 Honda Odyssey.

To help the Honda Odyssey stand out, they added some stylistic pizzazz by placing a character line- well, more like a character zig-zag- along the minivan's entire length. This gives the vehicle the slick appearance of being in motion and helps lead the eye. The interior of the Honda Odyssey was also updated and the infotainment center and driver information center look crisp and tech-friendly.

This design change also helps it stand out against its perennial competitor, the Toyota Sienna. The two have been duking it out for years, but next to the Honda Odyssey redesign the Sienna is really starting to show its age. The exterior has no notable design elements and the technology on the inside is dated in comparison; the Sienna is going to have to play some catchup.

Is the 2018 Honda Odyssey ringing in a new era where minivans start to have a little style? We think so. If you're looking for a family-hauler with a bit of flare, visit us at Klein Honda to go on a test drive. We serve shoppers from Everett, Seattle, Kirkland, Bothell, and Lynnwood, WA and look forward to helping you and your family!

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